Westover beer Garden

Saturday october 20, ~6:00 - 10:00



I like beer. Do you like beer? If so, you should shoot over to Westover Beer Garden at 5863 Washington Blvd in far Arlington, VA on Saturday, October 20 for skis and music. Mark it on your calendar. Gulley was received there with great fanfare back in June, probably because the audience members were heavier drinkers than they would probably admit if they were, say, before a Senate committee. Given their state, we were relieved that nobody mistook John for Ali Campbell, despite a fair likeness, and no beer or ice was needlessly wasted, unlike the audience (just joking, of course; these upstanding citizens exhibited the measured temperament of, say, a group of supreme court justices). As before, The Clown Foundation, with their strangely mesmerizing brew of lo-fi melodies, opens (see below). The venue itself is outside, but with global warming, it should be the perfect temperature in late October. No cover; just stumble in.