Next Show: Friday, March 1, ~9pm at The Pinch, 3548 14th St., NW, DC 20010

Gulley’s inaugural show at The Pinch is Friday, March 1. $10 cover. Bands start 8pm. Here’s the probable band order: 1. Raysun (acoustic I think), 2. Pooyan Kimiyaee (acoustic), 3. Heather Grace Evans (acoustic), 4. Somniatis (solo ambient), 3. Gulley 4. Trivial Difference (thrash metal). Note that the bands are in the basement, so if you can’t abide them (or us), you can retreat to the ground floor to drink quietly in the comfy bar (booths, even), where you can barely hear all the caterwauling.

Since we suspect the metal band is playing right after us, so as not to unduly enrage the occasionally unruly lads who typically compose the audiences for such fare, we’ll be dusting off our rockiest tunes and playing them with the verve one would usually associate with hulking youths half our age.